Rick O'Dell

Branch Manager
Registered Principal

Since 1991, Rick and his team have been devoted to helping others own their time. To Rick, this means having the (financial) ability to spend each day on chosen priorities. Earning income and replacing income are concepts Rick understands and it has become a cornerstone of his career.

Initiated by the philosophy that no investment strategy can predict the future, but some past lessons are persistent, Rick founded LODESTAR in 2012. An academic driven investment program, LODESTAR includes six investment models (ranging from Conservative to Aggressive) to accommodate a wide range of client objectives.

Rick received a Bachelor of Science degree from Truman State University in 1991. He earned the Accredited Asset Management (AAMS®) credential from the College of Financial Planning in 1999. Over the past 30 years, he has written dozens of financial and investing related articles headlined under Capital Markets University. Rick is the founder and author of Capital Markets University and the publication is offered exclusively to O’Dell Capital Management clients.

Rick is tasked with managing the LODESTAR models, overseeing the rapidly growing business, and writing timely articles for Capital Markets University. When not involved in these activities, he is likely involved in woodworking projects or doing yard work on his 10-acre ranch in Lebanon, Ohio. His favorite “own your time” moments involve activities with his wife, Robyn, and daughters, Peyton and Jensen.